About European Finds®

I have always loved decorating. Although my tastes have changed over the years, I find most of my inspiration from old world Europe. There is just something about this history that draws me in. When I see an old bench or table, I can't help but imagine the family that the piece served. I hope you find enjoyment reading my blog posts and sharing comments about what inspires you.

Since my junior high history class in rural Ohio and the moment I learned about Versailles, I developed a burning desire to not only travel to Europe, but to make the culture and the history of the old world accessible and appreciated here at home. I believe what will make European Finds® truly unique is that I am personally collecting these remarkable items and chronicling each piece and wherever possible the great houses and families they have served over the years. As a marketer, I am a trained storyteller and it is a privilege to now combine my profession and my passion by providing what I like to call high-end antiques without the high-end attitude. 

Custom Antique Sourcing Services 
European Finds will be taking custom orders from both consumers and designers. Whether the client is seeking a detailed French writing desk, enigmatic Bombay chest, ornate chair or a hard-to-find Mercury glass mirror, we will work with each client to intimately understand style, use and price point. European Finds is committed to delivering the age, region, dimensions and historical relevance for each item. 

We hope you find something truly special in European Finds - I look forward to hearing from you!