Plaster Cherubs at Play Lamp on Marble Base Black Shade Gold Lining



This one of a kind cherub lamp is made of plaster and is painted matte black. The cherub statue is sometimes referred to as Cherubs at Play, but we refer to this as Don't Break My Heart. We found this precious statue in a warehouse in Belgium, and were so taken with the message of the piece we purchased it right away. We have selected a nice dark marble base with plenty of flecks of shimmer and have attached felt underneath. The base has an elegant pencil edge that finishes the 1.5" marble. Lastly, we have finished the lamp with a high quality 20" Silk Bell Lamp Shade in solid black and gold lining. This shade brings the lamp to a whole new level when lit. The measurement below is to the top of the harp. The angels are approximately 17" high.

Depth 12.75 in
Width 14.75 in
Height 32 in

Please note the base is not attached to the marble base as we want to be able to ship the marble separately to ensure it arrives safely to the destination.  The tip to one of the wings has been chipped and the fingers on one of the angels.