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The Passion of the Vine: Vintage & Antique Wine Accessories

Antique Wine Bottles | Vintage & Antique Wine Accessories | EuropeanFindsAn old adage says that “Cheese, wine and friends must be old to be good.” I'd suggest that the same could be said for wine accessories.

In my travels, I've seen firsthand what a tremendous influence wine has had on European culture through the generations. Of course, people all over the world have been enjoying the fruit of the vine for thousands of years, but Europe is where winemaking was truly elevated to an art form.

Beautiful vineyards abound in Italy, France, Germany, and many other mainland countries. Tour these areas, and you'll see that they have a long, colorful history with wine. It's a real passion, a source of local pride, and it shows in the lovely old items associated with the tradition.

Part of the culture

European Finds is all about historic Old World craftsmanship and beauty. I don't specifically focus on antique and vintage wine accessories, but of course wine and winemaking have always been an important part of European culture. So if something from this genre catches my eye, I will do my best to bring it to you.

To be sure, these items really are becoming quite popular with antique collectors. Everything from grandiose wine display racks, to grape presses, to decanters and carafes, to glassware, to funnels and corkscrews and more – there are many beautiful items that reflect our ageless love affair with the fruits of the vine.

Antique corkscrews, especially, have popped into the collecting mainstream. There are clubs, guidebooks, and conventions just for these historically interesting gadgets, some of which can go for thousands of dollars at auctions.

(Fun question: What do you call a collector of antique corkscrews? Answer: a helixophile.)

On my last sourcing trip to Italy, I picked up a pair of large hand-blown glass wine balloons (also called demijohns, used for storing wine in a back room) dating from the late 19th century. They're gorgeous in their simplicity and character, and each will make a stunning addition to someone's home.

If you would like to see more antique and vintage wine accessories in our future collections, be sure to let us know. 

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