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  • Summer Care Tips for Antique Wood Furniture

    | Sheila Howell

    Air conditioning, sunlight, heat and humidity can be very good - or very bad - for antique wood furniture. Antique wood furniture is porous and can be sensitive to extremes in temperature, and to changes in temperature. Wood reacts to changes in the temperature and humidity, light and can easily ... View Post
  • What Is a Plat Desk?

    | Sheila Howell

    A French writing table is frequently called a bureau plat. Plat is French for flat. It was adapted from a basic table to be used for writing. A bureau plat, or writing desk, is different from a writing desk:  it has drawers under the writing surface to hold pen, papers, ink etc and not on the si... View Post
  • SALE Final Week - New Arrivals PLUS Additional Discounts Start April 1 #NoFooling

    | Sheila Howell

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