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Summer Care Tips for Antique Wood Furniture

Air conditioning, sunlight, heat and humidity can be very good - or very bad - for antique wood furniture. Antique wood furniture is porous and can be sensitive to extremes in temperature, and to changes in temperature. Wood reacts to changes in the temperature and humidity, light and can easily dry out in the summer: 

  • A small crack that gives a piece character can dry out and grow into a large gash under the daily glare of a hot summer sun. 
  • Heavy sunlight can discolor, fade or ruin the finish on old wood.
  • Humidity can cause wood to swell up and crack, and ruin antique finishes, glues and joints.
  • Air conditioning dries out the air in your home, which can also cause antique wood furniture to crack and warp. 

Make sure your antique wooden furniture is clean before you treat it. Eli Rios, the owner of ECR Antique Conservation and Restoration in New York City, recommends: 

"First, try a simple cleanser: Dampen a cotton swab with water, add a drop of dish-washing liquid, and test. If the finish survives, make a solution of water and detergent, and wipe the entire piece. Don't saturate the wood; keep the sponge barely damp, and rinse often. The results can be dramatic. Eli also uses mineral spirits, a clean cloth, and confident, circular strokes to remove decades of grime"

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How to Care for Antique Wood Furniture During the Summer

    1. Air conditioning can dry out the air in your home, so a humidifier may be needed. Experts say 50 - 55% humidity is ideal for antiques.
    2. If your air is too damp, a dehumidifier can control protect antiques from too much humidity. 
    3. Protect your antique furniture from direct sunlight. Use blinds on windows to filter the sunlight, or move your furniture away from the windows during the summer months.
    4. Use a beeswax-based clear paste wax and with the grain once a year, not in a circular motion, using a very soft cloth such as a t-shirt or baby diaper. 
    5. Be careful what you place on top of antique wood furniture: plastic and other materials can react to the heat and mar the finish of your piece. 

If your antique wood furniture does become damaged, consult an antiques expert for restoration and repair. If your piece is valuable or sentimental, amateur repairs can hurt the value of your piece, or destroy its appearance. 

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