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Rococo Chairs: Choosing Comfortable Antiques for Your Home

antique Venetian high back chairs | EuropeanFindsWhen choosing antiques for your home it's important to combine design and functionality. You want your pieces to look beautiful, but you also want them to be comfortable! Imagine inviting your guests to a lovely dinner, having everyone admire your beautiful dining room, then before the 1st course is even served, your guests begin fidgeting in their seats because their chair are just so uncomfortable!

It is possible to find comfortable antique chairs for your home. This is not a new problem. During the Rococo period (ca. 1730–60, the reign of Louis XV continuing into that of Louis XVI), people wanted more comfort and informality. Furniture was often upholstered with springs and had graceful, flowing curved lines with cabriole legs. High-relief carving was used to hide areas where the legs and arms were affixed to the seat. The word Rococo is derived from the French "rocaille", the rock and shell work of the Versailles grottoes.

According to Collector's Weekly

Rococo came to the United States around 1725 in the Queen Anne style, named after the late ruler. This style emphasized great delicacy and sophistication, as the chairs had down-curving, yoke-shaped top rails, solid vase-shaped splats, and horseshoe-shaped seats. Thanks to French innovations, these chairs also sported curved cabriole legs, inspired by animal hind quarters, which looked elegant and also supported the seat without stretchers.

18th century venetian high back chairs - set of 4

18th Century Venetian High Back Chairs

Image the dinner conversations that took place while these chairs were in use! This set of 4 high back dining chairs have style that transcends time and fit within just about any of today's rooms. The legs have a Celtic design carving detail which adds to the interest of the nicely proportioned clawfoot. 

After years of use and probably just as many sitting in a warehouse, they were in need of some repairs and updated upholstery. The chairs have been updated with new webbing and springs to ensure a comfortable seat. The fabric is a premium velvet in wine with a 51,000 double rub rating.

Set of 4 Rococo style Venetian chairs  

Circa 1750 H 48.5" D 24" Seat Height 21" 

Our antique dining chairs at EuropeanFinds would look wonderful in your home! Contact us for questions, or if you're searching for a special piece to add to your collection.