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Regency-Style Antiques Mix Harmoniously With Other Periods

Featured image: Regency-style home office by Luxe Magazine

Regency style antiques have timeless appeal. Named for the era when England was ruled by the Prince Regent, the Regency period is commonly defined as spanning 1800 to 1840 and includes the reign of the Prince Regent of Great Britain, George Prince of Wales. The Prince Regent ruled as the proxy for his father, King George III, until the King’s death in 1820, upon which time the Prince assumed the throne as King George IV.  

What Is Regency style?

Regency style architecture, art and decor used forms and motifs from ancient Greece and Rome and rivaled the Empire style in France. According to SpruceCrafts

Regency furniture is dark, massive and monumental, but it also posses simple, geometric shapes - curvilinear or straight lines that form a sharp, clean-edged silhouette. 

Regency style chairs have the following characteristics:

  • Straight or rounded lines 
  • Concave or saber-shaped front and/or back legs
  • Arms that are high-set on the back uprights
  • Broad, flat top rails on chair backs
  • Uprights and legs carved with animal heads or feet 

Mix Antiques and Modern: Living With Antiques 

"Regency homes have a Hollywood glam about them," says Decor Interiors. "Because regency-style homes are focused on entertaining, the living and dining rooms are arranged in a way that encourages guests to interact with one another. Therefore, couches and chairs are rarely faced toward a television... Vibrant, rich colors are used throughout the home, like deep reds, bright yellows and dark purples to really contrast with the high gloss on furniture, light fixtures and wall decor." 

Regency style armchairs are favored by interior designers and homeowners because they are comfortable, sturdy and stylish. Antique Regency armchairs are ideal in the dining room or as seating in the living room or a guest room. Regency style chairs harmoniously mix with contemporary pieces as well as other antique periods. 

"The most dynamic, contemporary interiors are not confined to furnishings of any singular look or period. Combining pieces that vary in period, shape, form, color and culture and arranging them harmoniously creates interest, timelessness and even some wit."

- Interior Designer Caleb Anderson

Pair Antique Gilded Wood Regency Chair Red Leather Cushion

Pair of Antique Gilded Wood Regency Chairs with Red Leather Cushion

The classic Regency scroll arms of these chairs are in a stunning gold. Leather cushions have gold accents adding to the richness. Their backs feature the cane detail - a small hole in the caning on one. The chairs are of a fine design but are in excellent condition and are sturdy enough for an adult. 

Circa 1890 

Dimensions: 35" W X 20" D X 37" H - seat height 18" 


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