| Sheila Howell

Louis XV: One of the Most Recognizable Styles in Interior Design

Louis XV Louis XV furniture remains one of the most popular and collectible styles ever created. Also known as Rococo, the French Louis XV style is one of the most recognizable styles in design. 

Louis XV: The reluctant king
When Louis XIV, King of France passed away in 1715, his great-grandson was next in line for the throne. Louis XV, or Louis Quinze, was 5 years old when he became king.

Deprived of a real childhood and lacking both drive and leadership skills, Louis XV turned out to be a largely ineffective monarch. The country lost a good deal of its military strength and financial holdings during his reign, which lasted until his death in 1774. However, Louis was quite good at his other kingly pursuits, namely spending lavishly and being promiscuous.

A woman's touch 

Louis XV was a huge supporter of the sciences, but his wealthy mistresses were the ones who most influenced the furniture styles of the era. They had the king's ear, and as a result the long-standing barriers of masculine formality and pompous grandeur began to crumble. Their public stature gave women everywhere more of a voice in social affairs. 

The king's mistresses had virtually unlimited resources, particularly Madame de Pompadour, the king’s most fashionable mistress and a patron of the arts . and kept themselves busy by constantly commissioning pieces to furnish and redecorate their villas and palace rooms. Under their influence, furniture designs evolved to a gentler, less formal, and more functional approach. Chairs, especially, became more graceful, inviting, and comfortable. 

Rare Louis XV Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Marquetry Commode | European Finds

Rare Louis XV Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Marquetry Commode 

An absolutely stunning period piece, this majestic French commode features a luscious beveled rose marble top, strongly grained wood veneers, and plentiful gilded brass ornamentation. The moment it caught my eye, I knew I couldn't leave it behind. This beautiful piece captures the essence of 1790-era French craftsmanship like few others. Two large drawers; wonderfully preserved. 

Our commode is an excellent example of Louis XV style. 

76" W x 26.5" D x 37" H