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Living With Antiques: A Peek Inside My Home

If you're like me, you scroll through Instagram for design inspiration, shopping and to encourage creativity - and see what friends and colleagues are up to. As an antiques dealer who sells antiques on Instagram, I also like to see how interior designers decorate and live with antiques. At European Finds, we're busy unloading and unpacking our latest shipment of antiques from Europe: photographing them, writing up the description and uploading the images to our website. While we rediscover the treasures we found on our Spring antique buying trip to Europe, I like to dream where I'd put these pieces in my own home - how I'd pair an ancient commode with a contemporary light fixture, how I'd weave some vintage kitchenalia into my modern kitchen, or how I'd contrast antique painted furniture with industrial pieces. 

It's All About the Mix 

I'm a believer in mixing it up: keeping interiors fun and interesting with a mix of the old and new, high end and bargain treasures, contemporary and traditional. One interior designer who never fails to catch my eye is Garrow Kedigian of  @garrowkdesigns. In sharing his stunning interiors, I love Garrow's "Corner of..." series where he shares a photo of a corner of one of his interior design projects or a corner of his own NYC home. I've never met Garrow - but I love a peek inside his home and seeing how he lives with antiques. 

interior designer Garrow Kedigian

A corner of Garrow Kedigian's NYC home

As an antiques dealer with a passion for European history, I'm often asked what antiques I have in my home. How do I blend antique furniture into a family home? How do I live with antiques? How do I mix my antiques and family heirlooms with modern, livable and practical furniture? 

Living With Antiques

Over the next few weeks I've decided to take you into my home, and share how our family lives with antiques. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a peek inside my home. 

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European Finds has beautiful antique furniture styles from France, Italy, England, Belgium and Holland - our selection includes gorgeous European antiques from every corner of the Continent. Some are extremely rare, others less so, but all are historic, authentic survivors from a bygone era, and will make lovely additions to your home or office. 

Note: Our inventory is always changing, so be sure to check back frequently for our latest additions! 

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