| Sheila Howell

Kitchen Rooster

A rooster in the kitchen for good luck

RoosterI grew up way out in the country in Ohio.  This rooster reminds me of my childhood and has that old world European charm.  I found this at a Home Goods store a few years back and got a great deal on it because one of his feathers is broken.So why is it common to see roosters in the kitchen?  It is said that a rooster in the kitchen is good luck.  It is unclear where the tradition started, but one story stems from Italian noblemen used them as attack roosters.  My experience is roosters can be very protective of their space - so that makes perfect sense to me. They also symbolize honesty, integrity, trust and honor in Portugal.  Regardless of the how roosters in kitchens became a tradition, my fancy, colorful rooster gives my kitchen an European old world touch that reminds me of playing outside in the summer while keeping a watchful eye out for our rooster.

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