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How to Live With Kids, Pets and Antiques

You love having a home decorated with antiques - but you need it to be kid-friendly and pet-friendly! Is that even possible? It sure is: you just need to decide what's important to you and plan for prevention! 

A home filled with beautiful antiques plus kids and pets is not mutually exclusive. Decorating with style and durability takes planning. Here are tips from interior designers on how to design a beautiful home that is also kid and pet-friendly. 

Interior Designer's Tips for Decorating with Antiques, Kids and Pets 

Forget what you've heard—children and antiques do mix. Furniture with a little patina can be very child-friendly, despite what some may think. I always tell my clients, That antique has been around 200 years—kids aren't going to hurt it. Actually, it's the really new, spray-lacquered furniture that's a lot harder to have around kids. One scuff from a toy truck on an antique just adds to the character; on something brand new, it stands out and looks shabby.
– Interior Designer Bunny Williams in Veranda 


For antiques or upholstered furniture, Bunny Williams suggests faux-fur throws that can be washed or changed. 

New York Times

Choose rugs wisely. Low-pile rugs are easier to maintain than high-pile ones, and less tempting for dogs that like to dig and cats that like to claw the fibers.

Martha Stewart 

I love using antique seating in children’s rooms with fun, fresh, and colorful fabrics, says interior designer Sasha Bikoff. The juxtaposition between the antique shapes with contemporary fabrics makes for an inspiring and inventive children’s room. 


Brightly colored abstract artworks or figurative art not only bring sophistication to your home, but they can also enliven a space, making it cheerful and delightful to young children, says interior designer Sandra Nunnerley.

– Vogue

Choose upholstery fabrics that create less work for you. Think carefully before you buy chairs and sofas covered in velvet or chenille (they’re magnets for pet hair) or delicate fabrics that can be easily ruined by pets.

Traditional Home 

Yes, you can create a beautiful home filled with antiques, art, kids and pets!  


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