| Sheila Howell

Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Garden Antiques

Antique lovers decorate their homes with unique pieces that tell a story and give personality to their home. Garden antiques bring history and flair to your outdoor living spaces. Antiques and architectural fragments such as statuary, benches and urns provide character and uniqueness to your garden. Extend your living areas by decorating your garden with antiques and vintage pieces. 

Non-Traditional Garden Antiques:
How to Bring Your Indoor Antiques Outdoors  

1. Demijohn With Lights

Garden Antiques: Demijohn Lights

Source: EuropeanFinds.com

Antique demijohns are gorgeous and useful. Originally used to hold wine, they decorate and light up the garden when battery-operated string lights are inserted.  


2. Mirrors

antique mirror in the garden

Source: Gardenista.com

Antique and vintage mirrors bring light and dimension to the garden. An aged mirror adds depth when propped against a wall, and reflects beautiful plantings and scenes.

3. Chandeliers

antique chandeliers in the garden

Source: ArchitecturalArtDesign

Antique chandeliers and candelabras give drama and height to your outdoor living spaces. Whether you use your antique chandeliers for lighting or repurpose them as birdfeeders or windchimes, or display them simply for their romantic beauty, antique chandeliers are charming garden antiques. 

4. Rugs 

antique rug in outdoor garden room

Source: GardenRooms.com

Antique rugs bring patina and warmth to the outdoors. Many traditional oriental rugs were made by nomad tribes and used outdoors in tents and on dirt floors. If your antique rug is not valuable or has noticeable wear and tear, in a covered outdoor patio or living space you have years more to enjoy the beauty of your rug. 


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