| Sheila Howell

Collecting Antique Demitasse Spoons

Antique and vintage silver spoons are one of the most popular collectibles because they are small, affordable, usable and readily available. According to Collector's Weekly

As the oldest type of flatware, spoons have existed in some form or another since Ancient Rome, at least. In medieval times, spoons were given as baptism presents in wealthy circles. Because inns did not have anything as luxurious as spoons for their guests, innkeepers expected their well-heeled customers to supply their own.

A demitasse is a small cup for serving coffee or espresso - literally, a half (demi) cup (tasse); a demitasse spoon is a tiny spoon, smaller than a teaspoon, used for stirring a demitasse. Beautifully crafted and designed demitasse spoons are loved by collectors, but they have practical uses beyond stirring coffee! Epicurious suggests demitasse spoons can also be used to: 

  • eat dessert
  • serve salt and sauces 
  • sample tiny tastes of things
  • slow down and eat more mindfully

Often made of sterling silver, antique and vintage demitasse spoons are also found in china, gold-plate or silver-plate and stainless steel. 

antique demitasse spoons

Antique Demitasse Spoons 

There is just something that makes cappuccino a little relaxing when served with demitasse spoons. These diminutive spoons are traditionally used for spooning cappuccino froth. The marks on this set lead me to believe they are Adam Herttuainen from St. Petersburg around the end of the 19th century. The Russian influence is obvious with their imperial design and gold finish. The spoons are marked on the back.   

L 4.75" W 1" 

Set of 11 

Vintage English Fruit Spoons

Vintage English Fruit Spoons

Small fruit spoons with serrated bowls and simple handles.  The back of the spoon handle is tipped with a simple design and marked that is it English. Circa 1960

L 6" W 1"

Set of 6

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