| Sheila Howell

Bullseye and Sunburst Antique Mirrors

Last week at the Paris Flea Market our eyes were captivated by these golden bullseye and sunburst mirrors displayed on a bold blue background. For interior design professionals and amateurs, les marché aux puces is a feast for the eyes as well as an education. The dealers are not only experts in antiques, they are experts in display and merchandising. Each booth has a distinct character and attitude, designed to attract the eye and pull you into the booth - this booth captured our attention. At EuropeanFinds.com, we're known for having a #MirrorCrush, and we are fascinated with the stories behind bullseye and sunburst mirrors! 

Bullseye Mirrors

Round, convex mirrors called bullseye mirrors are also known as butler's mirrors and are frequently covered with gold leaf or gilt. Not only decorative, a convex bullseye mirror was often strategically placed in or near the dining rooms so the butler could discreetly observe the dining room and easily see who needed a wine refill, or when the hostess required assistance. Hence the name, 'butler's mirror."

Sunburst Mirrors

Frequently associated with the Palace at Versaille - Louis XIV was known as the Sun King, and he established the first glass and mirror factory in Northern Europe at St. Gobain, France - sunburst mirrors actually go back much further. It is believed that many antique sunburst mirrors were originally religious paintings, and when the French Revolution occurred the religious paintings were removed and re-fitted with round mirrors. 

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